A lot of people over 55 years old are suffering from pain in their joints, most commonly in their hips and knees. Many are diagnosed with osteoarthritis and are worried that they will need a joint replacement.

Most persons in their 60s and 70s, if X-rayed, show signs of Osteoarthritis, yet more than half of them experience no pain. There are marathon runners who can easily complete a marathon with bone-on-bone arthritis and no pain. The latest research has found that there are a number of factors that can change the level of pain associated with Osteoarthritis. This is good news, as one is not automatically a candidate for a joint replacement.

The immune system plays a large role in pain, as well as high levels of stress. Abdominal fat has been found to produce inflammatory chemicals which affect your joints. This is why even a small reduction in weight (abdominal fat) has a marked decrease in pain. Exercise produces pain relieving chemicals in the brain – a type of natural morphine.

We are able to help you with managing your stress levels, eating a good Mediterranean diet, improving quality of sleep, and graded exercises so as not to overload the joints too soon.

We are not opposed to joint replacements, but feel that a conservative approach will probably delay or even prevent you having surgery.