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Carolyn Fenwick started the practice in 1987. We employ four physiotherapists who have extensive post-graudate education to ensure the best evidence-based treatment possible. We are also involved in lecturing post-graduate students in Manual Physiotherapy.

At Carolyn Fenwick Physiotherapists we believe in “hands-on” physiotherapy and offer individual attention. Patients are encouraged to take active responsibility for their recovery, and are given rehabilitation and specific exercise programmes. We also host lectures on various physio-related topics and conditions. A particularly popular topic is “Preventing falls in persons over the age of 65”.

We have a special interest in Orthopaedic Manupulative  Physiotherapy, and are involved in the treatment of neck and back pain, pain in all joints and muscles, and orthopaedic rehabilitation. We treat patients that have had operations e.g, ligament repairs, fractures and joint replacements. We also treat conditions like Bell’s Palsy, headaches and dizziness. Chest physiotherapy for bronchitis and pneumonia, and sinus treatments are also done.

We have a lot of success in the treatment of babies suffering from “Colic”, and give advice on back care for pregnant ladies and new mothers. Dry needling is a very effective treatment for pain and deep muscle spasm and has proved to be very beneficial to many patients.

Our practice has a relaxed, soothing and happy atmosphere. It is situated in the residential area of Farrarmere, Benoni and has secure parking facilities on-site. Our positive and friendly staff have extensive experience to ensure that you have a positive healing experience in the shortest time possible.

We are proud that our practice has been accredited by the South African Society of Physiotherapy.  We are also accredited professionals for “Exercise id Medicine”, which is involved in exercise prescription for improved health.


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