To make your travels and holiday more enjoyable, pop in before you leave to have any niggling pain or problems treated. We have some advice for you:

  • When embarking on a long journey, remember to take your lumbar roll if you have back problems.
  • Divide your journey into short segments of two hours or less. This avoids driver fatigue and your back will thank you for the break. Get out and have a short walk, this helps stretch your spine and takes pressure off your lower back.
  • Remember to take your own pillows with you if you have neck problems as sleeping in a different bed with different pillows may aggravate your symptoms.
  • Try and take a daily walk of about half an hour – it has great health benefits. Don’t forget to take good walking shoes with you and start slowly, gradually increasing your speed and distance to avoid any injuries
  • Keep on doing your physio exercises even if you are on holiday.
  • Remember to drink water regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Getting enough sleep and doing regular exercise are major factors in decreasing pain
  • Don’t forget your hat and sunblock.