NECK AND BACK PAIN: from injuries, whiplash, poor posture and old problems. We aim to treat the pain, and give you exercises to strengthen your spine, so that you will be less likely to have further episodes of pain. Back care is included in the treatment programme

HEADACHES: whether due to stress, whiplash, sports injuries, or work postures (computers are the main culprit), are totally debilitating. Physiotherapy offers wonderful relief, as well as helping you to manage your workstation to prevent recurrences.

PAIN OR STIFFNESS IN JOINTS OR MUSCLES: due to injuries, overuse, sport, and arthritis.

SPORTS INJURIES: from new-use, over-use or abuse. Also occur due to accidents on the field. These should be treated as soon as possible, and need a complete and comprehensive rehabilitation program to prevent recurrent injuries.

NERVE INJURIES, including Bell’s palsy, shingles and injuries from car accidents.

CHEST PHYSIOTHERAPY: for bronchitis, pneumonia and any time when you are unable to clear the phlegm. If you have had more than one course of antibiotics, with poor results, you can come directly for the treatment, which has excellent results.

SINUSITIS: Our climate and pollution levels affect hundreds of people, causing allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis is common, causing severe headaches and facial pain. The rinoflow, dry needling, facial mobilisation and electrotherapy used, help to drain the sinuses, and decrease the production of mucus, giving wonderful relief of symptoms.

INCONTINENCE: many women experience urinary leaking on coughing or sneezing, especially after giving birth, or in later years. Our program is very effective in stopping this.

COLIC / CONTINUOUSLY CRYING BABIES: Not all “colic” babies have true colic. We treat their spines and have had excellent results in getting them more peaceful, relaxed, sleeping better and crying much less.

CHILDREN WITH SPINAL PAIN, SCOLIOSIS, KYPHOSIS,OR SCHUERMANN’S DISEASE: We have comprehensive rehabilitation programs for these. The earlier they are treated, the less likely the chances of severe deformities to be carried into their adult lives.

ORTHOPAEDIC REHABILITATION: After operations one needs to restore joint range and function. The muscles need to be strengthened and proprioception retrained. This includes shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and foot surgery.

Knee and hip replacements, generally in the older population group, benefit markedly from this treatment.

DRY NEEDLING: We have completed the training and exams and are competent in using Dry Needling as an addition to our Manual Therapy where indicated.

REMEMBER: Physiotherapists are FIRST-LINE practitioners, and you do not need a referral to come for treatment. We trust that our services will be of benefit to you.