If you have had any surgery in any part of your body, we can help you get back into shape. Whether it is an orthopaedic operation, mastectomy or abdominal surgery we can help restore your range of movement and help you to regain your strength. One is often stiff in the affected joint or surrounding structures. 

Women often lose shoulder range and have problems in the muscles following mastectomies. We help restore function of the arm and shoulder.

Patients who undergo Spinal (neck and back) surgery really benefit from Physiotherapy. Many people are afraid of moving and hurting themselves. We will help reduce pain, and get you back to regular exercises and activity.

If you have had a knee or hip replacement, we can help you decrease pain, get strong, improve your balance and help you return to your normal activities of daily living. Physiotherapy helps reduce swelling and treats scar tissue. You don’t need to be referred for Physiotherapy, but we will contact your surgeon if we have any concerns.