Many patients have Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder pain. Research has shown that a graded exercise program is as effective as surgery for most problems of the rotator cuff……see more

In subacromial Impingement syndrome exercise significantly reduces the need for surgery up to 80%. Exercise is as effective as surgery in partial thickness tears (<75%).

On average, one needs a 12-week rehabilitation program. Some people take a little longer and others respond more quickly. Exercise may take a while before it starts having an effect, so you need to be patient and consistent with your program.

One also needs to manage stress, sleep, diet and general exercise, as these factors all play a role in pain management. We are able to help you manage all of these.

Most people do not need surgery, but it is always an option. You need to be aware that rehabilitation after surgery can take between 3-9 months and it requires a lot of exercise!