Many patients have pain that lasts far longer than the normal expected time for healing. Most injuries and surgeries should be healed in about 3 months. Once pain is persisting longer than that, it is considered to be Chronic pain. This pain often no longer responds to the usual pain and anti-inflammatory medication that you used before. The medication used for Chronic pain is different, and you can discuss this with your doctor. When one has pain for a long time, there are changes in your nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and it becomes more sensitive. Things that didn’t hurt before are now painful and one is able to do less activities than you could before. There are ways of helping you to address the changes in the nervous system. Exercise is one of the best treatments, but it must be started slowly and under the guidance of your physio. Carolyn has completed a course in pain management and we have new ideas and methods of helping you to cope with your pain.