Golf is not a sport without its common injuries.

Golf has caused more injuries at 1,8 people per 1000 than a contact sport like rugby which only reported 1,5 people injured per 1000.  (, 2018)

The most reported injury involved the lower back at up to 34%; the elbow at up to 27%; the shoulder at up to 19% and the wrist being as high as 10%. (Staehler. R, 2018)

The most common cause of golfing injuries can be related to incorrect biomechanics during the swing. This could be due to poor rotation at the spine; poor biomechanics at the shoulder or incorrect biomechanics from the pelvis downwards.

How can we as physiotherapists help you?

As physical therapists, we work to correct those muscle imbalances; assist the healing process during injury and prevent future injuries from occurring. We might even improve your swing and score!