Do you suffer with headaches? Do you feel light-headed, nauseous or dizzy? These symptoms are very often caused by problems in the neck

The joints and muscles in the neck are often causes of these symptoms. One may feel that the structures in the front of your neck are painful and feel swollen (a bit like when you have a sore throat), which is often involvement of the muscles that work your throat and front of your neck.

When you have neck pain and headaches, the deep neck muscles don’t work effectively, and so the more superficial ones become more active. These specific ones often give you pain in the forehead, which feels like Sinus Pain.

The joints in the spine can give you headaches on the top of your skull and also at its base. Headaches above your ear in the temporal area are often associated with pain in the jaw-joint just in front of your ear (Tempero-Mandibular Joint). This is often associated with clicking in the jaw, and pain on chewing.

We treat all of these symptoms with specific mobilizing techniques for each joint, releasing the tension in the muscles and giving you exercises to maintain the improvement gained by physiotherapy.

We also give advice on computer set-up, postures and sleeping positions, pillows etc

You don’t have to suffer with these symptoms, phone Amy 011-849-7726 to book an appointment so that we can help you.