Many patients are battling with persistent pain, particularly in their backs and necks. Some are feeling hopeless, thinking that they will never get better and be able to resume the activities which give them meaning and joy.

There are many things that have an influence on your pain. Stress and lack of sleep are major contributors. But did you know that your gut has a huge role to play? Your immune system is strongly linked to your gut microbiome, so what you eat is important. There are probably more immune cells in your brain than nerve cells, and these are responsible for cleaning out our brains whilst we sleep. Belly fat is also inflammatory, which makes the pain in your body more pronounced. Exercise helps to decrease pain, and the World Health Organisation suggests 150 minutes of low impact exercise per week. If you are battling with persistent pain, please let us help you identify what is driving your pain, and we can help you with programs to improve your lifestyle.