Finding time to exercise between work and caring for a family may prove challenging.

If you have been laying off exercise for a while, it is important to first consider a few things:
Have realistic expectations
Don’t expect to change your body or turn into a supermodel overnight. This is unrealistic, as we come in all shapes and sizes and our genetics often have the last word in our makeup and proportion.
Remember: exercise is about looking and feeling your best – not somebody else’s best. Rather set reasonable goals such as: “I will exercise four days this week and reduce my intake of junk foods.”

Work exercise conveniently into your day
Unless you plan your exercise sessions like you plan the rest of your day exercise may be the first to go off your list when your day becomes hectic.
Fit exercise into your schedule. Where can you find a few spare minutes in your day?
Some people are lucky enough to have leisurely lunch breaks and can sneak in a few minutes over their lunch time. Others enjoy their workout close to their workplace either before or after work as a convenient way of dodging the dreaded traffic.

Rise and shine
Studies prove that exercisers who work out in the morning are 50 percent more likely to stick with it. So, get it out of the way before the day begins in earnest. (It can also save you an extra shower later!) If you’re up to it after a hectic day – good for you, exercise is an excellent stress reliever.

Keep it short and sweet
Unless you are a professional sportsperson, chances are that you have limited time to exercise. The good news is that you do not need to spend hours at the gym. Make your workout short and efficient, but consistent. Consistency is as important as duration and intensity. Without any of these three elements, exercise is simply not effective.